How to Stop… Technically.
Thursday — August 31st, 2017

How to Stop… Technically.

Footnote: Yay! Just in time!

For those of you going to Dragon Con this weekend, I hope to see you there… no, really, I don’t have a table for this year and so I’ll be wandering out and about. Never mind that, I’ll have pictures available for those following on Twitter shortly!

My DM’s are open on Twitter for as long as y’all remain civil about it.

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VOTE NOW in the B-Sides Las Vegas Logo Contest!

I know you’d rather see a comic page… but hey, this is almost as good! I’ve entered this year’s logo contest for B-Sides Las Vegas!

Yes, that art may look familiar — and hey, wouldn’t you like to see it on a t-shirt or 300? Vote for it on this page, and you just might!

You only need to vote once, so feel free to send this information to your friends as well. Act fast, as I don’t know how much longer the voting window will be open!

Imagine Last Res0rt @ ECCC And Loving Every Minute Of It

… Hey, I have to get the engine started back up somehow!

Seriously, though: Emerald City Comic Con. March 2-5, 2017. Table AA-11 in the Artist’s Alley.

Buy books. Order commissions. Heck, give me a kick in the pants (with any nonzero donation, natch).

If you’re there, just stop by and say hello.