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Takes Time to Make Time.
Tuesday — November 17th, 2015

Takes Time to Make Time.

News + Events

Hello, Multiverse! See you at Dragon Con!

Hey, folks who saw the guest comic I just did for Jon’s Scenes From a Multiverse! Great to see you. (And if you’re here as a regular reader of this comic already and just catching up, go check out the guest comic too. Y’know, because.)

For all of you who’re just coming over and catching up, there’s plenty of vectors for doing so:

There’s also a patreon campaign going too, although fair warning — I’m a little backlogged on artwork from the past couple of months, so I’ve got some catching up to do. (On the bright side, that also means there’s plenty to look forward to as well!)

And finally, if you’re interested in talking to me in person, I’ll be in Dragon Con‘s Comics & Pop Artist’s Alley this Labor Day weekend, September 4th through 7th. I’d post an actual location but I can’t seem to find this year’s Pocket Program yet.

There’s always more to do, and I’d love to see you all stick around. I’ve been posting Last Res0rt online for ages, and the more people who come on board for the ride, the better!

See You at Further Confusion!


Quick heads up — I’ll be in the Dealer’s Den for Further Confusion 2015 (January 15-19 2015)!

You’ll find me towards the back, and I’ll have copies of Volumes One and Two (and some of the older books!) ready to sell as well — although if you can’t make it, there’s always the online store and the Patreon.

See you there!